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Sanctuary Wellness Centers Anti-Aging Science

Medical care in the U.S., while boasting some of the world’s top physicians and offering some of the most stringent safety standards and oversight, still falls very short in the area of preventative care and health maintenance. Decades of third-party insurance and government reimbursement has inadvertently created a system focused primarily on treating ailments and injuries. With a vast ‘baby-boomer’ population now joining the ranks of ‘Older America’, the U.S. healthcare system and Social Security systems will soon be stretched to the point of breaking. Add to all of this a current shortage of qualified candidates entering the field of medicine, and you have all the makings of a healthcare ‘perfect storm’.

Sanctuary Wellness’s anti-aging science is directed toward preventing function decline and maintaining one’s strength and vitality–not treating health only after there are diagnosable problems.

Menopause and andropause (the ‘male menopause’), while naturally-occurring biological events, can devastate the body by weakening bones and muscles, deteriorating mental function, and making one frail and susceptible to injury. A senior who suffers a fall and breaks a hip may require dangerous joint replacement surgery, or can lose their independence–resigned to assisted-living or nursing home care for the remainder of their lives. While conventional medicine looks at this rapid health decline as entirely natural and expected, and will treat broken bones and other resulting health problems as they occur, recent breakthroughs in anti-aging science show that the severe health decline caused by menopause and andropause may be slowed or in many cases reversed through hormone optimization therapy and proper nutritional supplementation, giving a retiree many more healthy years to enjoy!