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What makes Sanctuary Wellness Centers different than the rest? Sanctuary Wellness utilizes a ‘whole-body’ approach. Instead of merely working to bring you back to a ‘baseline’ state of health, we will work to optimize your good health while improving those areas of special concern. Sanctuary Wellness is not a one-size-fits-all program–our medical protocols are customized to you, taking into account any health issues, your work schedule, exercise routine, and particular fitness goals. Your personal Sanctuary Wellness Care Coordinator will be available for you when you have questions, providing ongoing support and guidance when needed.

Some of the most popular programs offered at Sanctuary Wellness Centers are the Sanctuary Wellness Male Health and Vitality and the Sanctuary Wellness Female Health and Vitality programs. Other popular nutritional packages include the Sanctuary Wellness Weight Loss and Weight Management Protocols, and the Sanctuary Wellness hCG, and hCG Lite Programs.

Good Nutrition is Only Part of the Recipe for Optimal Health.

You may be eating a healthy diet, but a hormonal imbalance may be causing your body to not utilize your foods correctly or metabolize them efficiently. Before beginning a Sanctuary Wellness Centers nutritional program, Hormone Testing is suggested to identify any hormone deficiencies or hormonal imbalances. Testosterone Therapy at Sanctuary Wellness Centers is sometimes suggested in conjunction with a weight loss nutritional program to turbo-charge the metabolism, for instance–with many other health and lifestyle benefits as well! An Exercise Prescription can also be built around your habits and personal interests, with ongoing encourangement and updates from your Sanctuary Wellness Patient Care Coordinator.

Not sure how to begin? Use the list below for ideas of issues you may wish to discuss at your complimentary Nutritional and Wellness Evaluation.SANCTUARY Wellness Centers offers various weight loss and weight management programs and periodic informational seminars for adults on the topics of:

• Weight Loss or Weight Gain • Healthy Weight Supplements vs. Unhealthy Weight Supplements
• Protocols and Supplements for Athletes • Ongoing Weight Management
• Appetite Control • Morbid Obesity
• Heart Health Programs • High Blood Pressure
• Diabetes / Reversing Diabetes • Healthy Cholesterol vs. Unhealthy Cholesterol in the Foods we Eat
• Customized Exercise Programs • Meal Planning and Time Management Strategies
• Fast Foods and Dining Out • Grocery Shopping on a Diet
• Overcoming Psychological Triggers • The hCG Diet
• Healthy Body Image • The Effect of Alcohol on Diet
• Lean Muscle Mass vs. Fat (BMI: Body Mass Index) • Understanding Food Labels
• Family Nutrition: Good Habits for a Lifetime • Choosing Power Foods vs. Empty Calories
• Nutrition for Men • Nutrition for Women
• Senior Nutrition • Bone Health
• Lowering Disease Risk • Vegetarian Eating / Vegetarian Dietary Concerns
• Ingredient Substitution Solutions for Healthier Cooking • Food Allergies: Effects on Your Diet
• Herbal Supplements / Is ‘Natural’ always Safer? • What’s Really in the Food We Eat?
• Carbohydrates, Proteins, Fats and Fiber • Vitamins and Minerals
• Salt /Sodium • Antioxidents and Phytonutrients
• Food Additives • Binge eating
• Viamin B – The ‘Wonder Vitamin’ • HcG Diet Recipes / Eating 500 Calories a Day

Request a Sanctuary Wellness Hormone and Nutritional Wellness Complimentary Evaluation to find out how your hormones and daily nutritional choices may be affecting your health.